Triple Barrel Strategies


TBS helps police, forensic experts and prosecutors strike a proper balance of teamwork, tactics and technology required to sustain the timely collection, analysis and leveraging of crucial crime solving data from firearms and related evidence so that it can be of most value to investigators and prosecutors in perfecting their criminal cases.


TBS adheres to the "six tenets" of the Resolution on Regional Crime Gun Processing Protocols adopted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in 2012:

  • The thorough investigation of gun crimes and the proper collection of evidence.

  • The performance of national crime information system entries on recovered/stolen guns.

  • The timely tracing of the acquisition and disposition history of all guns possessed and used unlawfully.

  • The timely processing of crime gun test fires and evidence through ballistics data analysis networks.

  • The timely lab submission for analysis of other forensic data from crime guns and related evidence (e.g. DNA, latent fingerprints, trace evidence)

  • The timely generation,dissemination and relentless investigative follow-up of the intelligence derived from these protocols.


TBS recognizes that criminals are mobile and that a detective's success in solving a murder case in "City A" can depend upon what a police officer in "City B" does or does not do with the gun that he or she seizes in a felony car stop.


Therefore, regionally shared protocols are essential to preventing dangerous criminals from escaping detection because the evidence of their crime remains stored on a shelf - untested - in the property room of a neighboring police jurisdiction. 


It is imperative that these protocols be executed in a timely manner in order to stop armed criminals quickly before they have an opportunity to do more harm.


Many police and forensic organizations encounter obstacles when trying to establish policies designed to ensure regional adherence to the six tenets of the IACP Resolution. In most cities, counties and states it just hasn't gotten done.  


TBS has over 48 years of experience working with administrators & legislators; law enforcement officers & forensic experts; and prosecutors & judges in over 70 countries around the world to overcome the obstacles and design and institutionalize firearm crime solving solutions based upon proven best practices.


The key to our success is in helping our clients strike the proper balance of the cross-jurisdictional teamwork, policy driven tactics and layered and leveraged technologies required to sustain timely and comprehensive crime solving protocols.


TBS applies and shares its experience through writings, speeches, seminars, and strategic planning workshops, based on the book written by its founder entitled: The 13 Critical Tasks: An Inside-Out Approach to Solving More Gun Crime.